Shen Wei: Dance Strokes (2016)

Painting Exhibition


The Hong Kong Jockey Club Hall,
Asia Society Hong Kong Center

Presented by Asia Society, Hong Kong

Asia Soicety Hong Kong Center: Shen Wei and Alexandra Munroe

Mar. 20 - Apr. 4, 2016

As one of the two exhibitions hosted at Asia Society during the Hong Kong Arts Month in March, Shen Wei: Dance Strokes also catapulted Shen Wei's paintings as their first exposure in Asia. In this exhibition, as done in Miami in 2014, a dance performance by SWDA was also simultaneously incorporated into this pop-up show.

Although only up for two weeks, the exhibition drew audiences of interest in both visual and performance arts to commmunicate Shen Wei's vision in connecting not only the differeing senses and disciplines of art, but also the relationship between the Hong Kong community and its natural environment, so evident at Asia Society Hong Kong's beautifully reconstructed British Miliatry Building. The exhibition was hosted at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Hall, where the room was transformed into a museum space, holding seven larger-than-life paintings. SWDA performed a dance piece within the space of the patinings before moving to the Joseph Lau and Josephine Lau Roof Garden to perform a site-specific piece separately.




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About this exhibition, Alexandra Munroe (Curatorial Advisor)

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